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Locate Clothes at Bargain Prices & Cheap Clothing Stores

There is a variety of choices for buying clothes at bargain prices. Depending on how much you want to spend and how discerning your purchase habits are, it may help to search cheap clothing at these sources:

  • Retailers Seasonal Discounts. For example, an effective way to collect discounts is to buy late season. May for Spring Sales, August for summer sales, and late winter for fall and winter clothing clearances. Usually from mid-to-late in the season, onward.

  • Factory Clothing Outlets. These are run by the brand names themselves, specializing in their own clothing. Although keep on the lookout for shirts, pants and other garments that are not of the same quality as the company usually produces, a common tactic among some of these stores. At the same time, others off closeout merchandise.

    Names operating factory outlets include Tommy Hilfiger, Kenneth Cole, Van Heusen, and Anne Klein, to name a few.

  • Thrift Stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army. The larger ones provide racks organized by size. A pair of pants can cost $3 or a shirt, $2. Its eco friendly and also a convenient spot to drop off your forgotten clothing, to pass along the savings to someone else.

  • Clothing Discounters. Such as Mens Warehouse offers designer brands at big markdowns. A great way to buy formalwear at 1/2 off and under. Many of the discounters offer tailoring services too.

  • Clothing resellers/consignment shops. Who often deal in vintage clothes. Garments that cannot be found anywhere else make this an appealing alternative while saving money.

Even in a tenuous economy, the resale of clothing seems to flourish. NARTS - The Association of Resale Professionals - reports that the industry increased its revenue during the last quarter of 2009 despite the condition of the economy.

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