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Finding Bargain Dvd Movies on Sale | Wholesale Warning

Scour the internet for finding bargain movies and you will find many so-called wholesale dealers of dvd movies for sale. Unfortunately, a vast majority of these wholesalers are not really wholesalers of movie products at all. Look a little deeper, and these claims often represent an outlet that has bought in bulk and/or has duplicated dvd's that they wish to unload. Some dealers have set up shop overseas where US laws don't necessarily apply.

Legitimate operators will offer bulk discounts, usually in 100 lots or by the carton. Minimum purchase amounts of $50 to $100 prevail, and this is the optimistic bottom. They deal direct with manufactureres and major distributors and who usually don't sell to the public, period.

For the consumer, it's far more practical to bypass this risk. Locate dvds on sale and ongoing bargains at:
  • Resellers of used dvd's and cd's like who have have gained prominance both online and at local shopping centers.Many have buy back services where you sell your unwanted movies and music back to them. The digital formats should not wear, making this a ideal option in particular for out-of-production editions. To be cautious, one thing to make sure of is that there are no deep surface scratches. Although some quality resellers do recondition the cd/dvd surface before presenting for sale. Titles are almost always drama related.

  • Half Price Books is another source for pre-owned titles where you can usually save over half on retail, depending on popularity of the title though their larger stores stock a healthy inventory; for fiction, non-fiction, documentarys and instructionals.

  • Walmart has a sale bin for titles still in celephane, and these go to $5 and even $4 on sale. Be prepared to dig as the box gets jumbled with cases.

  • The best bargain in terms of money spent, is from you local library. Though the title selection can be limited, these are at usually at no fee to the borrower.

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