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Discounts for the medication to treat Nicotine addictions are not so common, but there are choices that can help. Online coupons for Chantix started February 2010. And coupons are likely time dated so be ready to act at the earliest.

The first place to try is your doctors office, who may have a discount card from Pfizer. If not, suggest that he contact Pfizer to try and line one up. Although many insurance companies do not cover the prescriptions, check with them from time to time as this might change as the drug continues to gain prominence and indirectly help prevent other bodily conditions, such mouth cancer and damage to the lungs.

One location offers to 30% off the mediation and be sure to check their terms.

Certain online shops do offer discount incentives on reorders.

If your doctor prescribes Chantix you might be eligible to receive a $30 off coupon (downloadable from the Chantix site). To address questions with processing call the number at 877-242-6849

As with many drugs, Chantix does come with the risk of side effects and these span from headaches and nausea to more serious conditions.

Since presenting these coupons and sources of discounting the price of the medication serves as yet further motivations to stop smoking -- with this in mind -- it might serve a source of encouragement and inspiration, if at the same time you bookmark or link to this page to meet with the urge to quit.

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