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Considering Chantix to stop the habit of smoking?

The Pfizer medication of Chantix, or Varenicline to be specific, is prescribed in the effort to end smoking. note: side effects as a result of its use and can be serious and these include depression and even suicide, as well as others -- also Chantix is untested in certain groups such as pregnant women and people under the age of 18, and should not be used by those breastfeeding.

An expensive smoking cessation drug, the price ranges and can easily start at around $2.10 per 1 mg tablet for treatment, a price based on some amount of quantity. And a price many insurance company's simply will not cover, unfortunately.

Though how much Chantix costs is a factor of the amounts that pharmacies charge for the drug, along with Pfizer. Another item to take into account is that ,while costs of harm to lungs and body cannot truly be accurately assessed, many smokers do spend $50 per month on cigarettes alone. In any event, there are certain coupons issued for getting discounts..

Trials have indicated that greater than 40% who have taken Chantix have stopped smoking at the end of a three month period. Patients who are taking Chantix can participate in a therapy program for behavioral support, which comes at possibly no additional cost to them.

Always consult with your doctor as to the use of this product, in every regard. And call emergency 911 medical help in the event you experience any type of side effects whatsoever.

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