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Finding Baby Nurseries & Sale Items

Cheap Gifts for the Baby

Whether you are buying for someone else's child, or for your own baby, there are cheap ways to get gifts that shouln't be too far from you. If there is a baby registry then part of the chore is done already.
  • Used clothing. Or course hand-me-downs are good if you have sources, and, it is not a formal or momentous occasion like a baby shower. Most Goodwill oultets inventory racks of clothing which is organized by size, and priced at a fraction of the cost.

  • Blankets are another item that the baby will need. Your local yard sales might be the best bet.

  • Toys can be bought with use on them as well, but if they are these might preferably be without mouth exposure. Try Walmart and Kmart for some of the best prices on new gift toys.

  • A major baby expense for the baby is diapers. A new diaper bag foudnat a closeout special, or contributing toward a diaper service could go a long way for the parent.

  • Car seats and strollers - start to enter the 'larger ticket item' category, and so to get these cheap means tapping another source, such as an ad in a local paper or Craiglist who does list a 'baby and kids' category.

For questions on product safety contact the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission at 800-638-2772.

Don't forget the local thrift store and yard sales. The pediatrician's office is an excellent source for finding others having gift potential who would like to pass them on.

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