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Cheap Dog Gifts, Ideas

Stimulate play and your dog will happier and less destructive, right? Well there are cheap ways to get to get play gifts and they don't have to mount up to spending a fortune. The fact is, many of us already have what they love.
  • Tennis Balls - and all time favorite by most young puppies and those grown into maturity. Don't have a any extra's lying around the house? You can pick up a can for $3.00 to $5.00. Be sure though that they are large enough not to get struck in the throat, which is easy to forget as they grow.

  • The Frisbee - great for stretching those legs, it will satisfiy the need to run and give excercise. At less than $9.00 the discs are a great way to learn cooperation (you are less likely to get tennis balls back!) Try for the tougher grade of plastic since the thinner ones are more easily punctured, will loose their air-worthiness, and be rougher on the catch.

  • Chew Toys - are excellent to occupy your dog or pup while your away. Keep on eye on these, some will disintegrate.

  • Dog Bone Treats - the eadible kind, gives and enjoyable reward not only for training behavior but a gift for showing your appreciation. Better kinds will help clean their teeth too while providing nutrients.

  • Prepare a Meal - done as part of a larger meal, it is one of the cheapest gifts for giving. Maybe every once in a while or suitable on special occasions, like birthdays and to mark the end of a hard week. Not just the scraps, but fix a modest portion of meat or eggs they way you both like them. Ice cream for best behavior. - But remember the fat content affects them too.

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