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Markdowns and Cheap Sporting Goods

Prices for quality sporting goods are notoriously high. But cheap golf, baskeball, baseball and football equipment can be found if you know where to send a spot.
  • The pawn shop - offers the advantages of low cost, and the likelihood that the sporting item as been fairly well checked out by the shop prior to admittance. Contrary to popular belief, pawnshops maintain records and take id's when they accept goods, so most purchases generally prove a safe bet. And sporting goods are a common here since by their nature, sports stuff is non-essential and one of the first things to be collateralized or sold outright when the belt tightens. Or perhaps someone needs the extra cash.

  • Time your buying when the sporting seasons come to end and inventories are being wound down. Christmas markdowns, Fourth of July Sales and other major holiday sales events provide ample opportunity to find you sports equipment at cheap, reduced prices.

  • Internet liquidators and discount houses typically promote items that have enormous mark downs. In this case, take caution that the brands are sports equipment manufacturers that are reputable, and not merely knock offs or bulk quantity look-alikes. If a name brand isn't stated upfront, this could be a sign.

It is usually a wise idea to stick with sports equipment manufacturers with whom you are familiar, rather direct efforts to lower price items from the get-go. Much of the more expensive eqiuipment has undergone rigorous testing and is made to withstand harsh use.

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