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Finding Cheap & Unique Gifts, Ideas

There seems a minor obstacle when finding gifts that are both cheap and unique. It's almost a contradiction in terms. Due to techniques required for mass production, gifts which are cheap are those that are easily duplicated. To give a gift or worth, it must pass along some form of meaning.

  • Frame an existing picture or photograph. Take a photo that is 4x6, 5x7, 6x8 , 8x10 and place the photo in a pre-made frame. This is a gift that you can have for $6.00 or less. For larger or uncommon sizaes expect to pay more. If you are handy the mitre box, make your own and do for a several dollars. This is highly personalized and hard to beat.

  • For those artistically inclined, sketching out a subject touches the receiver far more than a store-bought card and it is much more likely to be held into a keepsake.

  • Convert any prized aging photos to digital form. This will not onlyl prevent deterioration, it will create a treasure to be passed down through the generations.

  • Gifts that are no longer being made carry a special, unique appeal.. Any piece of furniture that is made of real materials or that carries sentimental value could do. Such as pieces of small furniture made of real wood, coins from a collection, a rocking chair used as a child or the bamboo fishing pole that a child learned to fish on. Escape the null of mass production.
Then on to the world of currency, for modest outlays of cash:
  • Prepaid gas cards - make excellent gifts that everyone over the drving age can use. Available to meet your budget at $10, $20 amounts and greater.

  • Bargain DVD movies - check the bargain bin at your local Walmart, who carries dvd's as low as $5 ea. Or check out the price of pre-owned cd's, which carries no shame since many hard to find tracks you'll find there are no longer being produced.

  • Book titles - see your local reseller and not only find a gift, but conserve book materials. For sepcial titles however you'll probably have to turn to an internet reseller.

  • Make a donation to a local food bank or pet shelter. This will convey a lot of value while helping someone along the way. It could be helpful to ask for a receipt in the name of the recipient.

  • Giving a coupon book to local restaurants and hotels are an excellent way for people new to get to know the area, or for anyone. They usually feature buy one get one free and are sponsored to help local organizations.

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