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Cheap Ways to Save on Printer Ink

There are three main ways to save on printer ink, aside from adjusting the quality of printouts and the printer you select to buy:
  • Refill kits - where you purchase ink in bulk quantities and refill yourself. This is the cheapest since it has the most potential for cost savings. Normally it involves opening a hole at the head of the cartridge and injecting the ink and then sealing afterwards. You fill your own cartridges at a fraction of the cost of buying new or even purchasing remanufactured or compatible cartridges with this alternative.

  • Refill centers - the refill outlets that are private operations and franshices that have grown by leaps and bounds over past several years. Here you take your empties in and they refill them onsite with little wait time. Those with qualified personnel and equipment can test the circuitry on the cartridges (for chipped cartridges) to let you knwo the status of whether it should work. Another high point for the refill center over shipping through an internet dealer -- by bringing in a currently working cartridge, your refilled cartridge has the greatest chances of success and carefree operation. A leading complaint of the internet ink sources is they often do not operate (printer rejection, bad or incorrect color representation, etc). Across the board, outcomes are generally best with cartridges that contain no electronic circuit, sidestepping altogether any potential failure rates.

    Futher, many refillers have apparantly set their pricing by minimum replacement levels -- so ask about the ml (millileter) quantity that is being charged for since its not always a wsie idea to be buying for minimums you never reach..

  • Ink retailers - depending on the location of local refillers, this could prove the most convenient. Before ordering be aware of product guarantees and return periods in the event a glitch comes your way.

    Regardless, by always having spare refills on hand you should be able to keep a sufficient amout of ink up and running in your printer. And for purposes of refilling, a factory made cartridge is usually best to fill.

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