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Cheap Wedding Gift Ideas

With many weddings now topping the $20,000 threshold, cutting expenses are worthwhile any way you look at it. Here are a some ideas to make the budget a happy one:
  • For those that like to tinker with digital graphics and illustration (not too uncommon) like Photoshop or Illustrator, rework prior photos that were unpresentable up til this point due to demarcations and/ or and unwanted areas among the scene. Scan and restore the photo; walls can be painted, curtains can be dropped or closed to hide outdoor or indoor distractions. This was recently done by the author as a 50th wedding anniversay gift.

  • If you have skills in the realm of photographer, ask about lending your services as a gift. Word of mouth could spread, sending additional business your way.

  • Same for the band musician & the reception since a reception band can easily consume the budget. You'll not only save yourself the cost of a gift, but help to make a grander wedding by helping to divert the funds elsewhere.

  • Choose a DJ in lieu of a live band, again saving a small bundle.

  • Instead of printed photos, take them in digital form and print your own at will as many home printers can now accomplish, high res.

  • Negotiate the registry for the best discount on the total purchase.

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