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The Colonoscopy and Fees Charged for the Procedure

- Accounting for cost when having a colonoscopy

On an outpatient basis, the colonoscopy is a procedure done for the inspection of the walls of the large intestine. It is accomplished by a Gastroenterologist with the aid of a video endoscope (fiber optic/video) having an extremely flexible insertion that moves through the severely twisted intestine that is headed to pick up an optical sensation, displaying it on a video monitor nearby while the patient is sedated. Biopsies are possibly collected.

The colonoscopy may reveal locations of harm or infection and that can include polyps (precursors to colon cancer) and tumors and bleeding. Which is then addressed by the doctor for further treatment.

The fees charged depend on where the procedure takes place. Increased costs are charged in some of the larger cities and the chosen doctor too plays a part. The procedure starts at close to $1,100 and go to $3,800 on the high end of the spectrum. Before the procedure starts, however, be sure you know what you are paying for upfront,. From initial consultation to the anesthesiologist, and the pathology bill to any facility fees involved, not too mention pharmacy, and medications. There is a host of possible fees to consider.

Everything considered, if any contingencies exist, there is the realistic prospect of going over the $4,000 threshold. Therefore, be sure too spell out with the treating physician that if abnormalities are discovered, and whether or not they will be taken care of in the same session if practical -- this could amount to a cost difference if treated on a separate occasion. During the colonoscopy, if polyps are found, for instance, then these might be billed as an extra.

Bear in mind that patients are typically required to sign off on forms stating that are financially responsible for making payment, yet another reason for making doubly certain all fees are brought to light.

Note that insurance carriers might only cover a portion of the fees you incur. Which makes it worthwhile to review insurance clauses being stated as this applies.

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