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What are Compatible Ink Cartridges

Compatible cartridiges are those that are made new for use with a brand name printer. These are not made by the printer manufacturer. Note that since they are 'compatible -- a cartidge may be made for service across multiple inkjet models and/or with interchangeable parts.

Compatible cartidges are about the lowest cost cartridge and that is usually the reason for their purchase. It poses an option where remanufactured or even new cartridges for a given make and model printer, happen to be found in short supply. Yet another situation is when the printer model as become dated, as dependable as some of the older printers are (for instance, the hp 960c) and many of the remanufactured cartridges in circulation carry an undue amount of wear. In this case, its a safer bet, with the inherent tradeoff of a higher chance of printer rejection.

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