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Choosing Wheeled Computer Bags and Luggage on Wheels

Even given the advent of smaller and lighter notebook/laptop computers, the wheeled computer bag remains a popular item. They are particularly helpful when managing added or bulkier accessories like a portable printer, and many are designed double in the transport of other items needed like for business meeting or when staying overnight.

Colors & Styles - lean towards conservative, with so many buyers purchasing luggage on wheels for business purposess. Black is a popular color you might have to settle on if you find all other features you want, given this.

Fabrics - come in polyester blends, vinyl and nylons; ballistic nylon forming the safest bet overall. Cases that are treated to handle moisture are favored due to being in closer contact with ground-level, and the occasional puddle, tiny rivulet or sidewalk runoff.

Construction - must be sturdy, rugged nd be able to absorb shock. Encountering a rut here and there, crossing door thresolds, and being subject to regular lifts and sets. Zippers should be heavy gauge. Look at the zipper treads. Try them to make sure they operate smooth an error free.

Wheels - in-line skate wheels that roll smooth and minimize vibration over hard surfaces. Gusset wheels provide sturdy construction for manuevering the case.

Compartments - should be laid out in a way that immediately strikes the right chord with you.

Accessibility - since the bag is already on the ground, top loading provides and easy point of entry while side access gives advantages in the event of airpoint security checks. (see security, below)

Ergonomics/Comfort - how well does the bag in motion conform to your posture and the way you walk. .

Measurements - make sure your notebook will will fit without overstuffing. Talk to knowledgable sales consultant if buying online or bring a tape measure if store-buying to check for yourself.Consider locating one in person at a local retailer before committing online.

Handle - the handle itself should conform to your grip. Telescoping handles must extend and lock into position, reaching to your natural stride without causes a slouch; 36" is a common handle. The retractable handle should stow away in hiding when rendered out-of-use.

Shoulder Straps - the detachable shoulder strap is a handy alternative when there is rough ground, flights of steps ahead, or you just want to carry.

Security - an optional padlock provides some assurance knowing just how many pcs are lifted from hotel rooms, we've all heard about them. At the minimum, this could make you aware of an attempted breach OR consider placing a radio frequency transmitter inside the case when you are away from it, as an added precaution, with the lock temporarily preventing its discovery. Note; for air travellers, the TSA compliant bag will let the notebook remain inside the bag while being scanned.

Warranties - are an important facet. No doubt if the bag is being rolled everyday to and from work or a couple times a month to a gathering. For warranty coverage periods, as with most luggage products, there is no real set standard. For example Samsonsite offers a 3 year warranty on some of their business cases while Targus has a limited lifetime on some of their notebook case models. Be sure and check their respective terms.

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