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Consumers Choices: Research Before Purchase

It's always about choice. Usually its best to check into the background of who you plan on dealing with and one great resource for doing this research is the Better Business Bureau.The BBB's vast database lets the consumer look into a business and even a charity, by name or by address. A nice feature is that businesses are searchable by their accreditation that meet their standards however which does not imply endorsement. Although it does includes a committment toward complaint resolution.

Another way to research customer satisfaction is the Google the company.
For example: "ABC Company Complaints". Always keep in mind of the nature of the the destination source of where any complaint(s) happend to be popsted however, and whether an opportunity might be made for the company to respond/rectify the situation. Unfortunately, it's normally easier to come across negative marks of dissatisfaction rather than customer praise. Please let us know if you know of customer service worthy of praise.

Seeking Satisfaction: After Purchase

There are three main paths to satisfaction, and these generally occur after some effort has been made between the consumer and the business to resolve the issue at hand. These are:
  • FTC - Federal Trade Commission - along with their Bureau of Consumer Protection. Who deals with identity theft and eforces laws in order to protect consumers. Contact them for free information to prevent fraud.

  • State Attorney Generals' Offices - here giving listings by state. You will need to contact the Attorney General for the state in which you live. There's a decent chance you'll be able to file an online complaint although be prepared to be asked for copies of supporting documents for your case.

  • The Better Business Bureau. When not getting fair satisfaction it might be necessary to file a complaint. Please note that if a regional or national chain is involved, the BBB may ask about whether you have seeked to resolved the issue through a main company office first.

Always it is best to do research before committing to any purchase.

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