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What is the Cost of Teeth Braces

Considering having braces put on?

Wire braces realign the teeth. They are used to correct biting irregularities and straighten the teeth. Frequently on younger persons, however they are fitted on adults too. Braces come in traditional stainless steel, and versions that are less conspicuous, or translucent such as Invisalign.

Prices for the braces vary but land around $5,300 for an adult patient. However one must take into account the condition of the teeth to be straightened and the amount of work that must be performed. Braces at the upper end approach $10,000. Treatment can last up to six years but less than half this figure is the average duration. Certain cases may require that Orthognathic surgery be performed to bring about corrective measures to the jaw. Always, consult with an experienced and capable orthodontist, for the least amount of pain. One who is up on the latest techniques for migrating the teeth.

Following treatment, the patient often wears a retainer to keep the teeth from returning to their prior configuration. Usually it is recommended that the patient change his or her eating habits, away from hard and sticky foods, and also to adhere to a regiment of brushing and cleaning, since teeth with braces attached serve as collection spots for bacteria and plaque.

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