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While many dealers are in the practice of commonly advertising huge discounts on luggage, there is some question about the retail amounts begin discounted. There are three main sources of buying luggage at discount which are geographic location of purchase (country especially) along with factory outlets and deals found online.

One case in point is Mexico. As a major destination point for many travellers, you may be one of them. Among her countless shops, are those offering luggage at reduced prices in the mall shops and street markets. Many of the mall shops carry premium lines while the street shops normally have the best deals. They encourage cash, and a fee could be charged for flashing the credit card. But first, put on the lookout for imitation luggage. One of the best ways to take assurances is to check the manufacturer directly. For instance, if you locate some Tumi Luggage at a price you simply cannot turn away from, by checking their website you would find they have three stores listed; Cabo, Cancun, and Mexico City. If you suspect the dealer is legitimate, then give them a ring. You might also want to visually inspect all pieces of luggage in a set, thoroughly, to make sure they are not of lesser grade. The country's discounts usually heighten when toursist travel seems to be in a state of decline, by cruise ship or airline, as it suffered in the year 2009.

Online deals are another major source of savings. Where the some of the largest dealers are able to pass on savings at up to 70% off retail and more.
Since the luggage will be ordered and shipping after your payment, however, sticking with dealers that have been in business for years might give some assurance. Look for ongoing promotions, including spring and summer sales. Check into the store's return policies including time limits and any surcharges or restocking fees that you could get hit with in the event of a return.

Luggage factory outlet stores provide a growing opportunity to buy cheaply.
Often this is set in force by the luggage maker to cycle out discontinued lines, or those which have not been selling or sold. But here again, don't hessitate to verify the quality and construction of each piece, inspect all compartments, test all latches, run the zippers. Stitching is a telltale sign.

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