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Do It Yourself Drywall Repairs & Save

Hundreds of times a day, homeowners perform their own drywall repairs. Many of whom debate afterward, whether they should have done it.

With tips, and a few inexpensve tools, and materials, the majority of repairs on drywall can be done and done right for under $30 -- going towards materials, depending on the type of repair, it's locations, and how you choose to go about it with your own abilities.

Among common requests for performing repairs is patching a hole in wallboard. Some or the tools & supplies you'll need to do this are:
  • An electric screwdriver (clutched) or a drywall gun and spare screws
  • Material to serve as backing like plywood or slats
  • Spare cut of drywall
  • Drywall hand saw/utility knife
  • Drywall tape - paper or fiberglass
  • Multipurose compound & sandpaper
  • Mixing trough and taping blade(s)
With supplies and tools ready:
  • Remove loose pieces around the damaged drywall area

  • Cut a square of drywall equal or greater than the size of the damage. Then mark and cut this dimension on the damage side, so replacement and opening match..

  • Attach backing around the sides of the opening with screws.

  • Set in the spare square, then tape, and apply compound.

  • Sand smooth. And you're done.
Besides the hole repair, there are numerous other kinds of fixes to be done on drywall, even though this is a frequently occurring one. The price on this repair, in all probability, would be in excess of $120 for itself. Consider the amount of holes you have now and then (giving some leeway for quantit) and this might well amount to a considerable sum.

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