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Do It Yourself Drywall Textures & Save

Break up the monotony of your drywall areas by applying a texture. Those with hands on skills can do this themselves and save a bundle since most of the cost is in the labor expended, pocketing 70% and more depending on your location, and chosen contracto). Those that are uncertain, might gain refuge in the safer idea of putting the texture on a test board first, before the untouched walls, gives a fair impression of what the texture will look like when done.

Before preparing to apply the texture, it's best if the room is empty and without carpet. When ready, cover all exposed areas and objects nearby like furniture with plastic sheeting, and remove all window treatments, blinds, and have a decent source of lighting to view the texture as it is being applied. All doors, windows and permanent fixtures will also need to be masked off for protection - though materials like drywall compound, used for making texture, are water soluble. Overspray is normally easy to cleanup.

Some walls with glossier finishes and deep colors should first be primed, as should new drywall to prevent too much absorption, reducing the desired effect as it dries. Any holes and dents in the drywall must be filled and sanded smooth prior to start, while the chosen texture should not be relied on for concealing defects.

Decide on which texture you prefer. The main types are:

After deciding which texture you would like to see, determine if doing this by yourself is practical, based on your allocated amounts, skills and motivation. Getting quotes could show the costs and benefits of cutting this expense of this operation.

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