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Buying Mexican and European Shoes

Shopping for deals on shoes sometimes means going beyond the United States, as enticing as the deals sometimes appear. Traveling can be a prime opportunity or by putting in orders overseas ( which also works from outside the U.S.) and to parts of Mexico can have appreciable benefits.

There are two factors that come to bear on the greatness of the deal: tariffs and shipping. Some sites do advertize 0% tariffs but these absolutely must be confirmed and not simply taken at their word, as it may also be subject to change. While shipping can greatly influence the decision whether or not to purchase, some companies, particularly those of Mexican origin do present offers of free shipping, but be prepared for a more sizable purchase in order to get it. The $100 minimum is not unheard of - and this being the case, make sure the shoes are returnable in the event you don't like them or they don't fit.

If you are not accustomed to buying non U.S. shoes, then it helps to be able to convert the size, if the shoes are not being sold in your usual format.
Mexico footwear continues to have lower cost leather, and has integrated many of the more modern techniques of making shoes.

While shoes from europe emphasize styling differences, as Spain, Germany and Finland will all bring their own cuts, materials and designs. Just look at how Miz Mooz is differentiated from the other brands.

There is other major influence on buying shoes from other countries, and this depneds on your reason for buying the shoe, such as some of the later tech features for comfort and foot health. Such as cushioning, warding off bacteria and foot odor.

Then again, the current strength of the U.S. purchasing dollar could end up pre-empting or luring you in altogether in the first place!

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