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Sending Flowers International; Worldwide Delivery

Florists and flower shops that send to international destinations, are part of large networks that are established, typically, with thousands upon thousands of member shops, ready to satisfy delivery. To get the most from your purchase:

  • Verify the customer satisfaction guarantee from the florist and take whatever steps are necessary to ensure the international deliverer will make good on this. Be made aware of the place of transaction. Check with your credit card company to make doubly certain of their terms and conditions and that they will be valid for the place of purchase/delivery. Especially so if flowers are being routed while you happen to be on vacation within a foreign land. (check for any surcharges from you credit card company for doing so)

  • Make sure the flowers will be delivered by the closest flower dealer. This will help ensure that the flowers arrive fresh, that they have not endured the trials of a long and warm transit and they will arrive in time.

  • Guarantee of delivery on same day is available from many international florists.

  • Worldwide flower companies many times list an overview of the countries delivered to on their site. This cuts back on your search time while typical destinations include North and South America, Canada, Europe and the U.K., the Asian countries, Africa and Austrialia. A fairly extensive list of available countries of service is found at flora2000.

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