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How to Buy Flowers & Florists

Consider the source of your bouquets before placing an order from the florist and you will most likely be happy with the flowers you buy for sending. Initially it helps to know the reasons for and how to send flowers online as well as how to buy them before selecting your next flower shop bouqet delivery, found here. When looking at flower shops consider:

Delivery: The grower usually charges the lower price and you can buy from a number of growers but if your flowers must arrive by tomorrow morning the florist who can deliver on this is important. On the other hand, the closeout flower company is usually the quickest on point of delivery but this isn't the whole package.

Presentation: When buying from growers often the flowers come packaged in Fedexed boxes. If you want a basket, vase, or chocolates you are normally looking at the florist alternative. (some promotions offer a free vase tossed with the order). Also think about where the flowers will be set; is it confined, and open setting, or by a window and which buds can the flower company suggest for taking direct sunlight?

Basic too is if you are searching for a facing arrangement or a piece intended for full view, where it can be appreciated from fuller angles.

Price: Markups and networks of distribution allow some shops to pass on promotions and discounts, pricing their flowers cheap. Though a backup source to send your next flowers is probably wise as flower shortages are not unheard of when dealing with this as a natural supply. Ask if there is there a club discount to order sends for so many-times-per year.

Customer Care and Guarantees: Looks for reliable testimonials published by the flower dealer. And are they a recognizable, national dealer known by association? Are the guarantees offered regardless of type of claims or are there restrictions? If you got hold of them by way of referral then find some feedback on their courteousy, attentiveness, and product freshness and appearance. What were the condition of the flowers and how long did they stay fresh. Is the dealer willing to state a guarantee that covers this and how is the guarantee redeemed -- meaning, is another buy required in order to receive credit. Simply don't stop at the word 'guarantee' or base your purchase on a vague willingness.

Selection: Don't settle until you have found the flower arrangement that suits your tastes. Or those that would make the receiver happy.

Specials. Specials are a mainstay in the flower deliver business. If the ones aren't on special, consider searcing for redeemable coupons that can be found through an online search and within this site.

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