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How to Buy Furniture on Sale

Local furniture retailers promote amazing discounts. At no interest and no down payment, as we've all heard. But beware of these terms, if you happen to miss a payment you could be stunned by the fees you will incur (many local dealers implement terms that reach back into prior months with interest assessed). Rather, much of the best of what the local furniture dealers offer is the 'scratch and dent' sales with items that have probably already been seen by their furniture retouchers and upholsterers.

To get furniture at sale prices there are other sources.
  • North Carolina, in particular, around Highpoint and Hickery N.C, which has become renowned for attractive cost reductions, with certain finds at 60% off and rising. Semi-yearly sale events are scheduled for the months of April and then agin in the fall, October, through the year 2015. Amazing deals are experienced here on furniture that has been mass produced by big name manufacturers (generally, its not the best place to look for custom upholstering). To take advantage of this, have descriptions by the maker, models and sets before you go pricing. If possibly, transport and load the furniture yourself to inspect it before delivery. Most of the dealers are not permitted to take orders unless you are right there in person. For detailed information contact:
    High Point Convention and Vistors Bureau
  • Antique Furniture Markets, do their auctioning business located in a few major cities such as Atlanta and these are open to businesses and private parties alike. Furniture sold through these venues are imported, and difficult to find. The wood is real, in most cases, and most customers are highly satisfied with their purchase.

  • Dealers exiting the business. Who must shed their inventory and cut their losses. Sources for this are everchanging. For the bona-fide shut down this offers substantial discounts.
The two above sources are about the best for getting real price savings.

Tip: while hardwood furniture like oak, maple, cherry, walnut and teak wear best, retaining their original stained character, these do come at a premium and they are much less likely to show scratches and demarcations over the years to come. An alternative hardwood that is economic is birch, certainly a candidate for painted finishes.

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