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Clearly futures trading involves incredible risk - the investor should always seek professional advice before committing to investment decisions. Also we do not endorse the following source(s) and the investor should educate him or herself with professional and governmental organizations and regulatory bodies. The following is listed for convenience only.

Additional trader sites that deal with technical analysis, charts and trading/automated and daytrading may be placed if they are of benefit site users. This includes educational sites and especially universities.

Common factors affect the futures market and the price of gold, and its benefits as a store of value. Which is traded on CBOT and the CMOX.

It is interesting to trace the trading highlights over time, and important factors running throughout the year. With such a focus on gold as a precious metal, along with the trends it is forming, there are many reports on gold that paint diverse and even opposing, if not interesting pictures.

It is important to learn about the background characteristics of gold and what it is used for, including information on its mining and production along with the countries that are being mined, along with the metal as an investment vehicle for traders. Usually the best course of action is to study the gold markets themselves to capture some of the influences and possible demand factors.

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