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Granite Slabs vs Granite Remnants on Sale - Comparing

The quickest way to locate a remnant of granite is by contacting fabricators in your area. Remnants are the results of cutting larger slabs and most fabricators are happy to let you have these at remarkable discounts, depending mainly on dimensions. Many of the lowest prices for granite being advertised in the newpaper and online, $35 to $45 per foot and lower, are for remnants and this fact is only occasionally mentioned in these ads.

Slabs, on the other hand, are full sections that have been cut and shipped from quary mining operations. Larger distributors have these displayed in their warehouse, ready for fabricating. The slabs start at around $50 per foot but this does not include nosing (edging) and this adds a lot to the price, along with installation services and this as well applies to remnants.

The slabs, granted their dimensions, present greater value/higher pricing since they are able to be seperated in multiple counter sections. While remnants are more suitable for scaled down areas, and/or where one piece does not need to match another cut from the same slab.

Get access to a major fabricator in your area, walk the yard with them, and you'll find that small to mid-size remnants are normally tossed in a pile. While larger, salvagable dimensions are for sale at phenomenal cost reductions . In fact, most fabricators when questioned haven't an idea is to what to do with many of the remnants since there isn't that much of a call for them, they are almost a nuissance. Typically the fabricator pays to have the smallest pieces removed and disposed. If you are considering buying remants, however, this assumes your dimensions are available.

Realistically, remnants are suited for projects and furniture pieces like modest size tables, vanities, and end tables. With the more popular species you can expect to get larger cuts.

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