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High Interest Rates And Savings

For many savers, it is important to get an attractive rate of return for putting money in the hands of a bank. After all, this does make it possible for savings institutions to then turn around and loan out the funds and charge higher rates of interest on the loans being advanced. So it only stands to reason. To locate an account bearing high interest:
  • Check with whom you are currently doing business, which is probably a local bank. See if they can match or do better than rates you've found elsewhere. If it's possible and you want one know the costs of a checking account that could be attached.

  • Expand your search to out-of-town banks. Often greater rates come when you increase the pool of possibilities by searching beyond your normal comfort zone. This could pose an inconvenience when it comes to check writing, if a checking account is part of the deal, however the rate should be worth it, enough to be an overall worthwhile proposition.

  • Find reputable sources. Local libraries are a great source to browse a selection of financial magazines. And these usually rate banks every so often in concise formats.

  • One source that has grown by leaps and bounds over the past several years, is the online account. Where savings are held at a remote location and there is no brick and mortar place of business. Therefore, there is less operating overhead which is passed on in the form of higher interest. Finding these are best done through online searches.
Whichever savings account you decide on, be sure to consider all aspects of the accounts. The interest rate yes, but also, FDIC, account features, minimum balances and other aspects.

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