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How to Buy Used Luggage Tips

Preowned luggage, when bought right, can prove to be near-new quality.
Sources include local newpaper ads, online and local auctions, and pawn shops. But one of the best ways for purchasing used luggage is at a neighborhood yard sale. To really get a deal;

  • Be style flexible. Perhaps the luggage isn't seen as visually stunning or even in line with current styles. If you are ready for a little mixing and matching, deals are more apt to come your way.

  • Assess the luggage's condition. Some minor wear here and there is expected. But remember you will be toting around your clothes so if anything more than color blemishes exist, be reasonable sure that it will come clean. Luggage is by nature a conversation piece. Get a little background on it. It's likely to host untold memories. And know if it has been setting in storage; if affirmative, ask where. Have hopes that it was indoors in a clean environment and if not, sniff the fabric. The invisible traces of pet and pests leave a distinct, repelling odor, which infiltrates virtually all fabrics. Make sure the luggage is clean, and disinfect it if necessary. This might also be the time to confirm privately to yourself that the sellers are in deed, the rightful owners. Note that pawn brokers are generally unlikely to be selling luggage with a questionable history.

  • Zipper/Latch operation. This is a possible weak point. Push and pull both directions. Does the zipper mechanism tend to run smooth or get snaggy? Lugagge zippers typically aren't replaceable.

  • For multiple pieces. Its great when one fits inside the other. Carry two at once and maximize storage space.

  • Price of luggage. Make sure you are pocketing a fair amount. By calling ahead of time, to get the brand name& style, you can feel out and compare savings before any meeting in-person takes place.

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