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Pack a Suitcase
How to Pack a Suitcase
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How to Pack a Suitcase Under Weight Limit

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How to Pack a Suitcase Efficiently

Make the most of your suitcase packing efforts, with a some space planning and order.

  • Lay out your attire, grouped by type; shoes, shirts, pants, socks and undergarments, etc

  • Segment which clothing goes where. Delicate items might be placed in sturdier cases. Individual compartment bags are priceless.

  • An option to help prevent wrinkles is rolling your clothes. Which keeps them seperate a cinch to get at as well.

  • Place dense items like shoes, perhaps bagged, first in by the inner wall. The inside cavities are great for jewelry and watches, to protect from harm. Then, thick garments like jackets and jeans in next. This will help buffer from impact. Heavy items should be placed snug around the base and sides and not the upper section, to avoid falling into disorder. Secure the inner garment staps when ready.

  • Orient your flat clothing items like shirts, centermost.

  • Order the total packing arrangement, if you are able, by the sequence in which you plan for use while at the same time, conserving space. Order is critical -- for unpacking for inspection and to help organize your trip; keeping clothes ready and neat, soiled laundry ready for cleaning, and everything easy to locate.

  • Latch the clasps closed/run the zippers. Wind a luggage strap through the center handle and around the hardcase(s).

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