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Pack a Suitcase
How to Efficiently
Pack a Suitcase
How to Pack a Suitcase Under Weight Limit

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How to Pack a Suitcase and Your Travel List

These tips will help integrate your travel packing list and the way you go to pack your suitcase.

  • Foremost, give yourself enough time.Don't delay until the night or hours before you are due to leave for the trip. Assuming you have everything set out you want to take with you, give yourself 1-2 full days advance timing. The more leeway the better. In practical terms, your travel list might best be written out complete clear of twice this. A luggage strap is a common oversight, for hard shell luggage of marginal closure.

  • Make certain you have considered everything, including:

    - toiletry kit
    - travel sized tooth paste, shampoo, deodorant
    - small travel dispensers maximize space & fill in a moment
    - ziplock bags help contain liquids
    - weather/climate and your clothing
    - an extra battery and camera memory
    - availability of prescription medicines
    - compartment bags to consolidate items hard to keep track of.
    - a dirty linen sack to keep soiled laundry aside
    - see if your hotel has hair dryers and if not bring a condensed one
    - a few hangers

    Give second thoughts to bulky items. That extra pair of shoes or dress clothing. Many new shirts come made with anti-wrinkle fabrics, ideal for such an occasion!

  • Documents, tickets, maps and guides should be readily accessibly, the carry on is perfect for this. A travel pillow for extended trips, or a sound deadening headphones.Leave ample empty room in it for on the storage. Never let the passport and form(s) of identification beyond your reach.

  • With your luggage and carry on bags ready, and equipped with enough space to accomodate your belongings, tie a bright strip of identifying fabric on the suitcase. Have a tag with your contact information already on the piece before leaving.

  • Alot enough time to finish at least a full day before departing, allowing your to set out fresh and not be faced with any contingencies.

    Your are now ready for further packing

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