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How to Pack a Suitcase & Luggage Under Airline Weight Limits

Airlines have allowances for the weight of luggage which is usually set per each of two pieces.. When your luggage is found to be packed in excess of these limits, you will be charged fees for overweight baggage. These fees vary by airline and depend on the range of overage. A popular limit is at 50lbs and 70lbs of your checked baggage. But while charges vary as well, amounts of $50 and $100 are quickly reached and these are based on maximum pound limits themselves. This really is not a whole lot to go since a large number of suitcase designs are 20 lbs in themselves. Airlines, in addition, have also imposed limits for the weight of sports equipment that varies by type.

Therefore, fees can be avoided when you pack smart. Begin by looking at your items and rank their importance to you, ruling out the removal of necessitities right from the start. Consider alternatives to questionable items. And divide the total weight allowed between each limit for the carry on bag and that of your checked suitcase(s) as much as feasible. then consider:
  • Your suitcase itself: Is it made of reasonable weight for what you are transporting and the protection it affords. If no, borrow a stand in for temporary measure and work over the idea of replacing it.

  • Liquids: are notoriously heavy. Have you reduced these to mini dispensers? Do you actually need a bar of soap, the shampoo and hair dryer or might these be waiting at the hotel?

  • Snacks, such as placed in carry ons to snack on. Many prepared items bring on the pounds. Another choice is trail mix, that is relatively light.Yet another is to grab a snack at the connecting terminal.

  • Clothing is a commonly misgauged. Coordinate your travel warddrobe with shades and styles more compatible with one another. Travel during the cooler months and you might want to wear that heavy, bulky coat on the plane.

  • Share the load. Those vacationers travelling together should offer to take on weight that can be spared.

  • Minimize goods bought during vacation, for the return trip. And at the duty free shop, bottles of liquor are likely to tip the scales. If shopping cannot be held to a minimum, think about dropping some of the weight off in terms of clothing at an impoverished area of town. There are many of these.

  • Know if you airline bases its allowable limits on single pound increments. For example, if there is a 50lbs weight ceiling does the charge apply at a fullly rounded 51 lbs?

    Once you manage to pack within your desired goal, stay current with the fee schedule of your chosen airline. For your convenience, here are some of the major carriers:
    American Airlines

    Continental Airlines:
    800-523-3273 (U.S/Mexico)
    800-231-0856 (International)



    Midwest Airlines



    US Airways
    800-428-4322 (U.S./Canada)
    800-622-1015 (Internatioanl)

    Virgin America

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