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Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program Review

This popular weight loss diet by Jenny Craig, endorsed by a list of celebrities, and part of Nestle Nutrition, takes advantage of the longstanding method of letting off the pounds by a combination of diet and activity. The performance of the diet is tied to a nutrition counselor who helps oversee that the diet is managed with your outlined program.

A major consideration though is that the menu of packaged meals that come with the plan are not cheap, that many participants cannot afford. Although, the Jenny Craig locations are dotted throughout numerous locations around the globe and this brings this monitoring process closer to home in a lot of cases and is integral to how the Jenny Craig program works toward the dieters goals.

Assuming you follow the program, your intake of calories should be reduced. But keep in mind, built into the cost of Jenny Craig diet is the mandatory food you will be consuming. Which must be factored over the time period apportioned for which it takes to reach your weight loss objectives.

For anyone interested it makes strong sense to check out the success rate of the diet when evaluating programs. It may also pay to check out advantages and disadvantages with the Atkins diet and the Zone diet, to name a few. The Jenny Craig weight loss program is available for both men and women, and those with diabetes. They were started in Melbourne Austrailia, in and 1983, and are home based in California.

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