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With the inception of the laptop backpack, computing is as portable as ever. It keeps your prized laptop protected in transit with key accesories tucked away contained and ready.

  • With so many fashoinable styles and shades on the market, aesthetics takes a back seat when considering pack features and functionality is most prominent.

  • Dimensions - most users are taking a walk or a hike, riding a vespa, segway or bike, rather than dealing with the airlines. So the overall measurements are not as much a factor for the overhead compartment (and airline fees) however do have your computer measurements by length by width by height -- the cases are designed to accomodate pcs of stated dimensions.

  • Materials & Construction- choices of nylon include the claim of 'tear proof' mylon and denier nylon and then there isballistic nylon; which gives about the best performance. Concerning folds; single piece construction will eliminates more possible seperate at the seams. Mesh netting and elastic bands will enable items to be seen and retract when not in use.

  • Balance - transporting your pc means the pack must have the ability to stabilize your computer and accessories and allow for easy maneuvering.

  • Fit is a crucial. Is the load evenly distributed and...

  • Comfort - are the shoulder straps adjustable and padded enough for your planned weight and are they exceptionally tough? Consider the constant putting of it, up on and off. Then there is the weight. Carrying over prolonged distances is rendered easy by the flwo of strap and back underside.

  • Weather - how will the pack handle the elements. Is it water resistant internally, and s the seal created by a draw string or a zipper. Built-in flaps concealing zippers help. Pc's don't seem to react too well to being inundated with water.

  • Compartments/Pockets/Pouches - there should be a sufficient amount of compartment space on the inside and pockets outside (one on each side?) for your belongings like spare cables, spare power supply, a pda and these should have enough cushioning power for an everyday jostle and judder. A popular design has the pouch at the base of the internal fold for pencils and other utensils.

  • An Optional grab handle - means the backpack can be grabbed by this and which adds verstility and little to the cost, a thoughtful feature.

  • Warranties - many bags such as by BBP bags come with limited lifetime warranty. Which could put your mind at ease.

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