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Getting a Low Price Airfare - Blind Travel, Consolidators

These quick tips can help you save hundreds of dollars on your next airfare.

  • Sites offering blind travel have ordered up huge price savings for thousands of fliers. These savings can be stellar if you don't have requirements for; the airline you are flying, specific departure times, and the amount or location of connecting flights. Examples are Hotwire and Priceline. Hotwire has fixed, lowered pricing in place while Priceline operates on a bidding system. With these setups uou are not made are of the airline you are flying nor the spefics until payment is made. - Beware of the fact that reservations are not refundable.

  • Check ebay for last minute cancellations put up for sale by private parties. These deals have allure, but at the same time, be clear on the terms and any restrictions.

  • For international fares, consolidator fares bring savings at up to 60% and greater. You will not find these being booked through the airlines, however. Fares of such a kind frequently carry travel restrictions and you are best seeking these out far in advance.

  • Even if you purchase airfare and later find a better deal, it might still be possible to get a credit or a refund for the change in amount, assuming you qualify for the new ticket (subject to terms). Usually to obtain a refund of this kind, you must stick with the same itenerary and purchase the new ticket from the same airline. Contact your travel agent or airline for further details (preferably before purchase).

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