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How to Choose Luggage and Suitcases for Travel

Enjoying your vacation and travel plans means having luggage, suitcases and travel gear that serve you right.Determining your usage and requirements will help you choose the luggage that is best.

Transport and stowage. Will the piece of luggage be tossed around and held in a cargo hold or personally handled by your into the quarters of a carry on- compartment. Watch the arrival conveyors and you'll notice signs of what can happen; some of the toughest fabrics are worn though, even disjointed wire framing can be seen. Look closer and some closures are left partially shut from jambing. Ballistic nylon helps eliminate much of this as do the duty nylon zippers. But this brings up another point, color. By avoiding many of the color tones that blend into the sea of luggage, snagging yours becomes easier. Unless you can live with the constant alert of an identfying color strap. Mode of travel will also factor, since cruise ship bags are subject to more access than for air travel.

Frequency of travel It just makes more sense to invest more in suitcase and a set of luggage for the frequent vacationeer or business traveller. Opting for wheeled cases equipped with pull handles, lightens the load when trollying your stuff through long terminal runs.

Hard Shell luggage/suitcases. Offer the greatest protection for the personal cargo you are transporting.They are of two basic types: a) layered in vinyl or b) straight aluminum. Many of these are practically indestructable and are put out by Zero Halliburton, Rimowa, and Luxembourg. Expect to pay more for these and also realize that they will have their physical limits.

Selecting design. For any luggage, soft or hard, the integrated design of segmented compartments helps organize your travels, keeping your clothing wrinkle free and small items contained and easy to find. Sure double latches on hard suitcase pieces and zippered at both ends for soft luggage make access easier. Note that the latch on the hard sheel piece should provide sufficient assurance that it will stay closed during handling, without the need for a luggage strap, which would otherwise have to be managed seperate.

Dimensions. Be sure to be familiar with the latest TSA requirements, regardless of what the luggage shop is willing to sell. Many have sold luggage that does not meet these laws.

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