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Buyers of Mens Watches, Wrist Watches on Sale - Beware

For buyers in the market for a mens watch or wrist watch, you should beware of what you buy. A large number of watches have passed into circulation which are not authentic, and these are frequently being sold at or below sale prices while claiming to be the real thing, with a great urgency to move these fake timepieces. This epidemic has saturated that brand name market beyond the Rolex, Cartier, Brietling, and now covers most if not all major brands.

When buying out of the country, it is common to encounter knock offs that are labelled with the big names whenever you cross country borders, like Mexico for instance. Although more obvious versions are lighter, and are of lower quality when felt in the hand.

But a multitude of these watches are being sold within the U.S. Even many watchmakers and jewelers decline to comment on this, when asked about whether a watch you bring into their possession is a fake or authentic. Even when presented with serial numbers, as these too can be duplicated, as can everything.

There is one precaution you can take, however. And that is to bring any watch you buy or intend to purchase to a second party watchmaker, one that specializes in that brand of watch and who has been in business for some time. Have him or her pop the casing cover, and inspect the mechanism. Often the cheapest are driven by low grade internal mechanisms that they can spot, though not always. This may set you back $35 but the money can possibly stem more serious hemorraging.

For this contingency, state upon the purchase of any watch, from an authorized dealer or not, regardless of location and from whom, that it is to be inspected by a reputable business of your choosing and the watch is to be returned within a reasonable time period for a full refund if it is found to be inauthentic.

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