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Kinds of Neckties

The necktie is worn as a sign of status, for sense of belonging, and as a mode of expression. The kind of tie, its coloring, and pattern, makes each one a statement. The modern, full length tie is most popular however other types of ties include:

Bow Ties. These are most commonly ties in fixed position, usually with an elastic band that fits beneath the shirt collar (though bow ties may be manually tied from open strips). In modern times, the bow tie often accompanies the dinner jacket or tuxedo. It is most associated with formality, such as the wedding, and gala events. During the early 20th century the tie denoted the wearer as an intellectual professional such as the professor, doctors, scientists and lawyers. Which had fallen out of favor by the third quarter fo the century.

Clip-On Ties. An improvement of convenience, the clip-on is a safe and easy to put-on-and-off alternative. The styles it are adapted to are the straight four-hand-in-knot necktie, and the bow tie.

Cravat. And ornate silk draping around the neck, the cravat was born in the mid 16th century. Though it is rarely in use today. Whenever it is seen, wealth and/or social rank is implied. Traditionally, embellishing the British and French.

Bolo Tie. An American invention, the bolo, or "bola" tie has its roots in the American West. Dating to the late 1800's, it is made of a leather string feed through a clasp, securing it around the neck section. The tie saw a resurgance in the late 1900's and waned by the turn of the millenium.

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