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When Buying Mens Neckties and Tie Storage

Be you next purchase a novelty tie or designer tie, one for business or what have you, and few tips to consider might result in more satisfaction with your buy and help prolong the life of the tie.
  • Stock you collection with samplings of basic patterns. The dot and splot styles, basic and regimental stripes, orgainic patterning and only a few straight solids (especially lighter tones - imperfections jump out).

  • Wear the right tie for the occasions. This means if foods and liquids are closeby, wear a not so important tie. Since even the most wondrous tie, once stained, cannot usually be salvaged. Most ties made of silk and silk/polyester & cotton blends will all too easily become stained once the die is absorbed. Club soda might extract some of it. Dry cleaning is another question -- when you get your necktie back the fabric may not have the same silkiness. Washing the tie with the laundry should never be done. Attempts at working with solutions of diluted detergent rarely give the desired results and dry cleaning is normally the best option.

  • There are numerous ways to store you neckies. You can roll them up, and this is handy if you wish to wear the tie later in the day. Clear roll up tubes are available for about $7 for single ties. For multiple ties, there is the tie boxes with sectioned compartments. Cedar is optimal and can be bought for less than $30 to help guard off the moisture. More expensixe boxes have clear tops.

    Another option is the lined tie case. They hold about a half dozen ties flat with retainer straps in a zippered case. These run roughly $20 and are great for travel.

    Then there is the tie rack. Some models hang from a coat hanger but most are wall mount, and these provide stability when choosing and replacing to a hanging position. Where they stay flat, wrinkle free and ready to wear. Motorize models are an amenity that rotate larger collections with some providing light for ease of selection. Sharper image supplies one priced around $70, offering other battery operated models that fit on closet rods while holding dozens of ties.

    Storage Conditions - ties should be stored away from direct sunlight and never be left in the 'tied position' after wearing them. Permanent crinkles can result.

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