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Giving added flexibility and a whole new range of dimension to trading, the option has to do with rights for buying and selling. Although the beginning trader should first familairize himself or herslf with option basics before learning about options trading and strategies.

Possible option strategies include the short and long straddles, and vertical and hoizontal speads among others. Any trader contemplating these should investigate numerous sources since these tactics make use of instruments that are more complex.

Clearly, trading with options involves risk - the investor should always seek professional advice before committing to investment decisions. We do not endorse any source(s) and the investor should educate him or herself with professional and governmental organizations and regulatory bodies. These resource is for convenience purposes only.

Additional trader sites that deal with technical analysis, charts and trading/automated and daytrading in relation to options in particular may be placed here if they are of benefit to site users. Educational sites and university sites will be given preference.

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