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Amounts for painting are most frequently quoted on a per job basis. And some of the lowest prices you can expect to pay for an interior are $.45 per square foot on up (depending) but be aware this is no frills. Rather, basic flat finsh single coat. While exteriors bring in variables that include weather and working heights.

Materials. The retail prices for paint have gone up over past years, after after COVID-19. A decent interior flat costs $30 per gallon and more for mid grade. Sheens will notch this up for eggshell and satin, and putting a sheen finish on, will add to the labor effort since it will have to be applied another way, to maintain a wet edge. You will get more wear from top grade paints and these are especailly noticeable with sheens. An upper grade gloss can now set you back to $75 per gallon depending on manufacturer.

Supplies like masking, masking paper, plastic, drop clothes and sandpaper should be included within materials.

Labor. Ask the painter if the estimate is for spraying or brush and roll. And if it is sprayed do they follow up behind with a roller to work the paint into the surface. Quotes for labor, like material, will act on the number of coats being applied, that in-turn depends on the colors and color combination that you choose. A pro quality roller nap helps the coverage without shedding.

Traditionally, labor rates by area aren't priced alone. It's more customary to quote by the hour, which many homeowners shy away from, because all are aware that this can imply disincentive. Regardless, hourly rates depend on the task at hand and its not uncommon to pay $45 to $50/hr and more.

Often you can save on prep work by doing it yourself but some painters discourage this due to the fact that many homeowners sometimes create additional work that is needed to correct this when doing so.

Extras costs: Rooms that are filled with furniture will cost more due to the effort required for moving it back and forth, to return everything to where it was previously. Custom color schemes are assessed additional charges, since the painters will have to spend extra time and effort meeting the seperate colors together, for example white trim with colored walls or different colored ceilings from those of wall areas. Too, darker shades require more coats for coverage and these will raise the invoice amount.

Note: Know how many coats are being paid for and exactly what is included within the estimate. As well as the prep work involved like wall repair and caulking at the trim/wall seams which will give a better overall look.

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