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Replacing Your Printer Ink Cartridges, High Capacity/Standard

Its an easy task to replace your spent printer ink receptacles. Whle keeping in mind, that it's usually best not to wait until the resevoirs of certain cartridges run completely dry (they can clog) After you have identified which cartridge is in need of replacing, the colors, black, or both, and you've secured replacements of high capacity or standard capacity:
  • Optional - clear you print cue if you've gotten errors.

  • It's usually a good idea to power off your unit before accessing inside the printer. note: on certain models, the carriage the lid must be raised to center the cartridges into position.

  • Raise the lid on the inkjet. If you have a all-in-one, take extra care since lifting and raising can affect the internal controls and circuitry (jarring is a potential on closure)

  • Find the target cartridge within the carriage containing it. Some older models will have a flip level atop the cartridge. If so, flip upward to unsecure the cartridge.

  • Remove the cartridge. If there is a drop center around your local area, depositing it would be the environmentally conscious thing to do. Or have it refilled.

  • Unseal the protective wrap around the cartridge, remove the clip guard if one exists, and, the small clear tape stuck over the contact area. (not the permanent seal found on individual tanks -- these normally get punctured on install)

  • Press in the new cartridge, dropping the container in gently, tilting rearward first.

  • Gently return the cover of your printer. Normally, your printer will then course through a test page to show you how all is working.

Cartridge Types: OEM Cartridges Remanufactured Compatible Cartridges

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