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Pros and Cons of the Jenny Craig Diet Program

Considering the Jenny Craig Diet?

The diet program has been a success for many of its participants over quite a period of time. As many testimonials show. Celebrities like Valerie Bertinelli and Jason Alexendar don't seem to have qualms about speaking out in favor. And they have a history that extends 20 plus years, which counts for something.

But with most things, there are better and worse things that deserve some attention:

  • The quality at many if its centers earn it high marks by members. The regimentation and interaction with its counselors are an effective strategy that works for many in helping to loose the pounds.

  • The program focuses on eating behaviors, having balanced meals, and excercise and fitnesss.

  • Weight loss is geared to be let go in healthy increments

  • Foremost is the expense. You can spend $400 to $500 per month just for the food, frozen food, which is processed. This might help motivate the right direction.

  • Since much of the program relies on their food regiment, at some point you will be looking at transitioning back again to preparing your own meals and/or eating out - a potential period of when the shedder of weight might slip back into his or her old ways. Healthly eating habits formed in the process need to be maintained -- not necessarily a 'con'.

  • You may not be dealing with a certified health professional.

Overall Jenny Craig manages to have high scores in most departments. The feedback & support they provide is much a part their success and those that belong. Taken altogether, the trick is in deciding if the program is for you, as determined by the type of commitment on your part it will require.

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