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The Meaning of Red Roses, What Symbolized

The bouquet or even, a single standing rose, is a tradition among I love you gifts. The simplicity is undeniable, recognized among peoples of all cultures, for hundreds of years. A symoblism that is the strongest among all the flowers.

The color of spreading red is an emotional namesake. Red is understood to reference love, courage, and respect. With the image of romance - red roses characterize intentions from the sender loud and clear, no question about it here.

Shades of the rose though, speak of the lesser known. Shades leading to pink, crimson. Petals of scarlet that can start a pleasing burn. So, in terms of 'normalizing' tones of red the idea goes beyond an everyday standard perception. Commercial growers, shippers and dealers are all too aware.

A versatile rose, the red rose is compatible with a range of business and personal uses.

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