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Tips for Buying Area Rugs on Sale

A large number of area rug dealers adverstise big savings, %60 to 70% for luring in buyers to their stores. End of the year sales in January are a popular time for rugs. While these sales are being promoted variously throughout the year, an ongoing occasion for some particular dealers.

Private sales at the same time can amount to lucrative savings, such as someone caught in the transition of making a long distance move. When the rug is preowned, thoroughly inspect the condition before buying, including the up-close weave. Double check your measurements to make sure it will fit your room. Possibly bring a photo showing your rooms decor OR take a point and shoot and return to your floor area with a snap of the rug -- if you are lucky with color representation. By doing these, chances are you'll be a happier customer. (while chances are that you too won't able to return it)

When pursuing rugs on sale a few of the important factors are:
  • Deal with a retailer who deals directly with the middleman, and buys direct from manufacturer. Meaning an actual direct buyer, rather someone who states this is so. Confirm this point.

  • If the item is on sale, know if the merchant will stand behind this as with the rest of their rugs they inventory. Frequently its easy to forget when you are shopping other area rugs at a particular merchant, then assume closeouts are subject to the same policy.

  • Be aware of why the rug is being put on sale. If the store is cycling out styles, the result of a large volume purchase, etc. Try to sense if the rug is being sold off for faulty stitching or didn't meet quality standards. Which you the buyer should be made aware.

  • Find out how long the dealer has been in business -- which reflects the chances your guarantee will be honered. Then find out about any outstanding complaints lodged against the company. Google the name followed by 'complaint'.

  • With respect to the quality area rug itself, inspect: the type of fabric, the weaving and its tightness (kpsi - knots per square inch, determine the age of the rug in question (used), and where it was made.

  • Assess how the rug will fufill your wear expectations. Consider how it might take traffic and develop wear patterns. What type of fabric dies were applied in it's making and will they retain their vibrancy and subtle shadings over time for the setting you have in mind.

  • At some future date the rug will face the need for cleaning. When considering either a new rug or used one, having no identifying tag, this should still be determined. Discover the true cost of the rug along with its long term durability is crucial.

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