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Best Buy: Tips for Buying and Ways to Save Money

Here are a few tips for buying that easily translate into ways to save money on your next buy.

Know what you are buying. This sounds basic. But by being aware of your real needs and not extra features seen at the store, you can limit your price paid and be happier with your purchase.

Popular known brands can simplify the task. Off-brands, or, vaguely named brands might offer savings but realized savings are usaully had with quality.

Will you be searching for the new or, be willing to settle for the pre-owned? The bargain hunter can find deals indeed on items with minimal wear. As in the case of for dvd's and cds, vintage clothing, and used furniture, and a lot of others. If this describes your buying behavior, you may want to keep in mind resources that are specifically equipped to assist [ex: the product recyclers for auto replacement parts and the pre-owned cabinet shops].

Find & enlist the services of a sale resource. With none in particular being mentioned here!

Web based stores have little overhead and can pass on savings to the consumer. Factory and warehouse outlet sites, as well as land based stores, liquidators of merchandise and services -- offer deals on most product types. Visit throughout our site for details on what you are after.

Be aware of extra added expenses. And will be paying. Factor this into your total purchase price: some e-merchants will ship for free with a minimum purchase while others yet are willing to gift-wrap.

Whichever is the case, have in mind any minimum purchases or quantity amounts and expected arrival times. Along with whether deliveries will be delivered to PO boxes if you have one The same for any promotional offers or coupons and deadlines for applying them.

Some merchants are able to sell tax-free over the net. If taxes are in effect, what is the rate and that of for insurance/special packaging if you so choose, and any added expenditures. Arrive at a total price. Consider time and energy spent inside malls as an option, road and weather conditions, including wear and tear and gas spent on your vehicle.

Return policies and procedures. Find out if the merchant offers a policy on returns or exchanges and if so what are the terms and conditions. Of note is who pays for return-ship

What is your own charge card company's policy. When it comes to handling returns or placing stop-orders on payment.

Timing. Is now the time to buy. Would you be willing to hold off until late.. A modest delay may translate to dramatic cost savings and a clear best buy. Accordingly, how is the economy? Changes in the economy can go hand-in-hand with pricing. What are the chances the product could become outdated in enough time to buy, then bringing a boatload of savings?

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