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Dental Implants - Tooth Implant Procedures, Costs

Considering tooth impants for restorative dentistry?

Whether your tooth or teeth have been lost to decay, have too much wear or have been subject to natural defect, getting advice on an implant procedure might be an option to help brighten your smile. Consult with your dentist to see if this is right for you (a restorative dentist) and determine if you are fitting candidate.

Implants serve as bridge support, they can replace a missing tooth, and they can replace teeth that have seen their practical lives expire. After the implant procedure is performed, there is a necessary healing period known as osseointegration that merges the base of the implant with the jaw.
Up to six months can be spent in this period, although due to procedural improvements, at times, if the implant is done immediately following an extraction, months can be saved in terms of healing.

Prices for implants are not that inexpensive. Where (particular city) you are having the procedure being performed and the implant type will both influence cost, with prices starting at over $1000 and these can top $4,000 per single tooth. Prices in New York for example do vary from Oklahoma city and not by a slim margin.

The mini implant procedure is focused on the smaller teeth. These are not screwed to the jawbone and have a lower price.

Everything considered, lower implant procedures have a higher success rate than upper tooth procedures. - Although those that do smoke don't enjoy the same success rates as those who do not smoke.

Consult AAOMAS, an organization who represents 8,500 maxillofacial and oral surgeons located in the United States. Whether you have existing conditions, have undergone bone loss/density or are a smoker all contribute to if you can have dental implants. But again, see your dentist who is qualified with the surgery.

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