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Updated Passport Costs

The Cost of Passport fees for Adults & Children

Following a minimum of a 30 day comment period, from the proposed rule of February 9, 2010, the revised prices for passports will have gone into effect. After this, there will be a notice of when the costs become effective. The good news is that the expediting service is being kept at $60.

Adults. The new costs for adults include $135 for first-time adult passport book, while the card is $55 . For renewal it lands at $110 and with their card for that group at $30 assuming they possess a valid passport. Each is valid for a ten year period

Minors under 16. The new cost for minors are $105 for the passport book and the card is at $40. These are valid for a period of five years

Note that the passport card carries limitations. It is useful for land and sea travel only among the United States and; Canada, Mexico, the Carribbean and Bermuda.

It may be a huge comfort to realize that these monies taken in are allocated in support of a host of causes. Namely for Americans who find themselves abroad in times of crisis, and this extends on to their families. At the same time, the passport processing centers have seen a strong increase in the number passport applications. Which must be subsidized for the increaase of workforce, and paying other support costs and expenditures. For further information contact the U.S. Department of State.

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