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How to Buy Used Furniture on Sale

These how-to's can yield big payoff's when buying used furniture for your home or office. Keep in mind the more creative and adaptable you are toward the furniture, the more you'll end up saving. Review our how to's on buying sale furniture and on used furniture for an effective rounding-out of your sale strategy.
  • Check with self storage centers in you local surrounding areas. The further you extend your search, the broader you chances will be of discovering furniture left unclaimed by their owners. Abandoned furniture is found at shipping companies as well -- given the bulk and personalized nature of furniture, its not always easy to move and/or sell and hence the furntiure is one of the first items to let go.

  • Avoid rent-to-own sales many of whom are in the everyday business of selling off tables, dressers, dinette and bedroom sets at blowout sale prices. Thees prices normally have built in profit margins and bring a minimal amount, if any, of savings. A fact that many customers don't realize that the terms of these concerns might allow for repossesion of the furniture when payments are late or are missed (depending on Store and location)

  • Craiglist is a rich resource, listing deals for those selling furniture at no cost to sellers. Which the buyer likely ends up enjoying as an indirect result. Where the furniture advertised is perhaps the result of a move, the need to raise funds, or just wanting to sell. Track the ongoing items being listed in any decent size city and new listings appear virtually several times an hour, a large amount of the listings show pictures of the items in sharper quality and resolution than the local newpapers or pennysaver, giving you a better hands on. By private owners and furniture dealers. A system that's hard to beat.

  • Colleges of Music send lists of items out for sale at much reduced pricing. Alumni usually take preference at these sales. But still, this is an outstanding opportunity to pick up a furniture-instrument piano in decent condition.

  • Estate sales provide a prime place for quality items usually advertised in the weekend paper, or by flyer. If you are flexible with your take, are create with your design (changing pull knobs, etc) and have a way to haul the furniture off this could be for you.

  • Antique Furniture Auctions process not just period pieces but modicums of furniture collections and items, and ask since this used furniture should be authentic unless they are stated replicas. Much of the quality is old world -- you'll never have to worry about someone else having duplicate sets of decor. How much you can save depends on h the auction, the amount of traffic attending, and the inventory being liquidated. Another top source.

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