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How to Buy Used Granite For Sale

Installing granite slabs that are bought used can mean deals for buyers and at the same time, complications that no one would want. However some installers are still willing to undertake these projects, and some buyers are lured by the appeal.

Large financial incentives can be realized by buying the stone used. Saving 60% under these circumstances isn't abnormal. Places to search are kitchen and bath remodeling projects -- check larger contractors that perform numbers of projects to increase your odds. And granite showrooms that are either selling off displays (the slabs could be reduced in size, howver might still fit smaller areas) or the dealer is going out of business.

Important granite characterisitcs to look for when searching:
  • Similar configurations: room and base cabinet dimenions
  • An acceptable range of color and species of stone
  • Style of edging that matches your theme/decor.
  • Cutout for sink that is adaptable
  • Backsplash if needed
  • Sheen of the granite, whether it is honed or gloss
  • Mounting method that is transferable

Purchasing pre-owned granite carries its own risks. While slabs, for extensive counters and kitchen countertops, has its own hitches, particularly due to the (a) size of the slabs, (b) the seam(s) and the (b) fit within the wall dimensions of your room. Don't be surprised if you are asked to take responsibility, in writing, from potential cracks and breakage that may occur on re-installation, not to mention any damage from pulling it out of the current setting.

Note: much of the used granite that is listed for sale is found in single piece sections, like bar tops, table tops, and bathroom counter sections. Those that have been fabricated for kitchens are more rare, since they have been shaped for the kitchen at hand.

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