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How to Buy Wedding Flowers & Arrangements

For those buying wedding flowers in quantity, the prospect of purchasing from a grower may reap benefits. Some are offering deals in 100 rose quantity packs, going to 500 roses and more. Probably getting the prcie per flower down to $1.25 or less if you really want to. Ditto along similar lines for for Lillie, Orchids, and Carnations. These are shipped with the idea that someone on the receiving end however will help with the presentation efforts to some degree.

Or, of couse, you can take the traditional route of ordering wedding flowers from an online dealer or local florist.

But, if you happen to not have the advantage of a comfortable budget for flowers, there are other ways to go:
  • Pick up a compatible assortment of silk silk flowers and assemble your own. This is great for the budget minded and shows the new couple you cared enough to make it yourself.

  • Translant some garden roses, carnations, or other flowers in a potted plant, one they can keep around for a while and in a pot they can cherish. This is perfect for sybolizing the future growth of a life together.

  • Prune some garden flowers and place them as well in a decanter of some family value. Even a kitchen bay window is enough space to prepare for this.
Perhaps you've found a cheap wedding gift too, or perhaps not. Yet another way toput a limit on the wedding expenses as they quickly add up.

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