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Locating Cheap Gifts

There are several reliable sources of locating cheap gifts.

  • Flea Markets - vendors with low overhead are able to sell at lower prices and the larger markets, sprawling with hundreds of stores bring cheap selections. Here you'll find countless variations of nick nacks, tools for him, and beauty supplies for her. Do some strolling and price compare. You'll notice some of the same items at different storefronts. These are typically open weekend hours and when you find vendors like dealing with, stay in contact.

  • Festivals - feature vendors at special occasion booths. Similiar to Flea Markets, many unique gifts are found from out-of-town merchants, often handcrafting the works themselve.

  • Craiglist - continues to grow with all sorts of gift items on the menu. here sellers are able to make advertisements at no fee while buyers can choose from constantly updating selections ranging from toy gifts to musical instruments. Amounts of haggling generally permitted.

  • Estate Sales - usaully occur during a life transition and offer some the cheapest places to find gifts when provately run. Be vigilant to find these, in your local neighborhood. Normally there are advertised in the paper but telephone-pole signs suffice.

  • Auction Sites - some of the more recent sites allow bidding down to $.01 This does carry some risk however you can limit your risk by reviewing the sellers rating, setting your bid limits before you get started and afterward possibly caught in a competitive war, and, by knowing about any return policies and shipping fees before bidding. While Local Auctions - such as police yearlies are a great place to visit, proivided there is not too dense a crowd and the minimum bids are favorable.

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