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The Meaning of Yellow Roses, What Symbolized

Popular at Easter and for many meanings, yellow roses in their maturing form have come to symbolize the meaning of joy, happiness and friendship.

While this is true, in the main, there are also suggestions and partial tones associated with sending yellow that involve care and compassion, and these are subtle. There may be allusions at jealousy though this is more the exception.

Since there is always the chance of misinterpreting roses, depending on your feelings, a more reliable way to get the message across would sometimes be achieved for the sender by shipping a mix of yellow with red, or yellow and white roses. Further, standing arrangements meant to be viewed from all around helps to create a sense of openness.

In any case, correspondences of yellow to Spring normally have an influence that livens most spirits. Sending bouquets either during summer, fall and winter, or during inclement periods can serve the purpose of either restarting or delivering some vibrant life-giving feelings. Add to this, the traditional value at Easter and shared among friends.

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